Up to 46% combined transferable tax credits AND cash rebates in the USVI.



In the US Virgin Islands, productions are entitled to special exemptions from excise taxes, duties and bonds on shipments by air or ocean freight of equipment, supplies, props, and accessories.  A critical service of Virgin Locations is to shepherd and file US Customs Clearance of Temporary Importations (TI).

A “country” entry fee or film permit is not required in the USVI.


Up to 46% combined transferable tax credits AND cash rebates

  • Minimum spend of $250,000
  • Minimum of 20% local resident hires (including crew, extras, actors and maximum of three (3) paid interns.
  • Include credits, i.e. “Made in the USVI” or “Portions Made in the USVI” and other acknowledgements
  • Above-the-line-crew member speak at local school or university.
Local Hires Transferable Tax Credit Cash Rebate Note
20-25% 10% base 9%
25.1 -30% 15% + 10% With USVI promotion
30.1% + 17% + 10% Produced in St. Croix
Hotel tax waivers also applied from 1.5% to 8% based on hotel room nights/spend.

Long Term

Economic Development Commission (EDC) benefits are also available to production entities that establish long-term operations and/or presence in the USVI. Such companies may be eligible for 90% tax relief through the EDC.